• Data-Powered Curation

    We leverage extensive pet industry experience and online sales data to select the perfect products for you.

  • Free Returns

    Get free returns within 60 days on for your first order from any brand.

  • Net 60 Payment Terms

    Qualifying retailers can pay 60 days after ordering, so it’s risk free to try new products.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Curate?

Curate is a wholesale marketplace that empowers independent pet retailers. Our platform simplifies every aspect of wholesale and increases the sales for your stores.

Why should I shop on Curate?

Curate uses data from across the internet to find the best-selling and trending pet products. This allows you to source and order products for your retail store with confidence. Additionally, you can enjoy the benefits of Curate's First Order Guarantee, making your ordering experience completely stress-free.

What is Curate First Order Guarantee?

Customers are eligible for the Curate First Order Guarantee on their first qualifying purchase from Curate, 90 days after the first qualifying order was placed. If, at the end of the 90-day period, you still have inventory from your first qualifying order, you can contact us to have a credit issued to your account.

What is the story behind Curate?

As a dog toy brand, we spent years selling to thousands of stores across North America. Through this experience, we witnessed firsthand the inefficiencies of the wholesale process for retailers. Determined to do something about it, we created Curate.

Need more help?

You can reach out to us at hello@curatepet.com or visit our Help Center here