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Joyride Harness Black 2-in-1 Leash with Seat Belt Combo

Joyride Harness Black 2-in-1 Leash with Seat Belt Combo

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If you love innovation as much as we do, then this 2 in 1 leash/dog seat belt combo will be right up your alley. When something can perform more than just one function, that's just plain cool, and this product does just that.

Taking your fur baby to the park? You will need your dog leash, of course, but what you may forget is the importance of a seat belt if your trip involves a car ride. For human passengers, seat belts are required by law because they save lives. You pamper your fur baby in every possible way, so don't skimp out on their safety in the car.

With this heavy-duty 2 in 1 dog leash/seat belt combo, you will always be prepared for life’s next adventure.

When using the seat belt attachment in the car, clip the leash to your dog’s harness only. Do not clip this tether to your dog’s collar as it may become a choking hazard and can be fatal in case of an accident. Harnesses only!
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