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The Runway Harness - Amagansett Aqua

The Runway Harness - Amagansett Aqua

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✔ Exclusive Design - our trend-setting pocket design is the only one of it’s kind on the market.

✔ Easy Attachment - A sturdy D-ring makes leash attachment a snap!

✔ Adjust to Fit - Thanks to the fully adjustable no-pull chest strap, you’ll be sure your pup’s getting the perfect fit.

✔ Secure Buckle - For added safety and an easier on-and-off, the Runway Harness has a secure metal buckle system. No plastic!

✔ Complete The Set - Enjoy pairing your RunwayHarness with any of Doodle Couture’s designer leashes, collars, waste bag holders, and more!

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